Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things Are Coming Along

This weekend I am supposed to run 9 miles, so I'm getting pretty close to being in the shape that I need to be in to run this thing. I am set to complete the Hal Higdon training plan the second week in February, so then I will have to get creative with my workouts until March 22nd.

To be honest, I'm getting a little frustrated with the 5 mile runs. Like they take me almost an hour, and if I'm going to run that far, I want to just do my long run. I guess with due time this distance will seem like nothing.

Today I ran 6 miles (well 7). I got up around 11 stomach was kind of hurting. I wanted to start my day off with a run. I got to one mile on the treadmill and decided it wasn't happening. So I took a nap. Then got up, had a snack, and ran 6 miles. (I felt so much better the second time around.)

I'm starting to think that taking days off throws off my rhythm. Like, it's better for me to just run a mile than to run nothing. For some reason my muscles feel LESS tight when I do this.

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der5er said...

Don't over do it on the 5 milers. Hal put those there for a reason. I know the feeling, though. The first time I realized I had not more short runs in my training last fall, I went out and signed up for the Midlothian Blaze 5k, just to have an excuse to run a fun, short distance.