Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looks LIke I'm Cramming for a Half Marathon?!!

I think I've already determined I'm NEVER training for a half marathon in the summer again.
1. It's Hott
2. Summer is my favorite season

I run in the Fall, Winter, and Spring because it's a distraction while I wait for the Summer weather and pool time to get here. And there is just so much more going on in the Summer that it makes training difficult. My new job hasn't helped things.

Last night I ran 2.5 miles, this AM I ran 3, and tonight I ran 8. That means I ran 11 total today..and 13.5 in a 24 hour period. That's more than I've ran in a whileee. I hope to get one more long run in, which will most-likely be 10 miles...and then we'll see what happens on race day. I'm still running faster than I have before. Today nothing was slower than a 9:40 min/mi pace. I completed the 3 mile run in 27:20. I wish I could have done 11 miles straight, but work got in the way.

I'm hoping that by training at a sub 10 min/mi pace (although on the treadmill), I should be able to run the entire race close to a 10 min/mi pace. If not, it's totally my fault for not training hard enough and I'll have motivation for my next race. I guess worst case scenario [besides an injury] would be failure to PR, since my first 3 halves all have very similar finish times. I know I was capable of faster than 2:26:ish at the 2010 Shamrock Half but opted to run with my friend. Then I had to go and have IT band problems.

In a way I have to admit it feels badass to say I've been "lazy" and can still whip out long-ish runs in the time I want them. I may be crying around the 11 mile mark come race day...and I gotta feeling I'll be more sore this time than I have been in the past. I'm definitely ready for the beach afterparty! And getting Red Robin or Seafood afterward. Tapering shouldn't feel all that different than the rest of my summer. Heh. Anyone else get lazier about training after 3 races? It's a LOT less mental now for me.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yikes...I'm Running a Half Marathon in a Month!

((Hey Oh)). Long time no post ay? I think between trying to adjust to a new job/schedule and making the most of summer...I'm spending a LOT less time in front of a computer. At work blogger is blocked. If I'm not working I'd rather be pool side. I'm also a sucker for summer TV. The Bachelorette. Shark Week. Jershey Shore. Does it really get any better?

I'm not going away, but bear with me if my posts and comments aren't all that frequent. I'll figure out a balance eventually. Side Note: From January-June I was pretty unhappy with the lack of direction in my life so I ran and blogged A LOT. Both were my outlets. Obviously I still love to run and write, but I'm happier than I've been in a loooong time, so I'm obsessing less over both.

My training has been less frequent this time around, BUT I'm running faster than I have in my life. I've done 3 miles runs with an average pace slightly below 9 minutes per mile. Tonight I ran 8 miles in 1:18:14 (Including the downtime when the treadmill shut off at an hour and I drank some Powerade.) That's an average pace of 9:46 per mile. If I can keep this pace up...hopefully I'll get a decent half time. The heat could do me in though. I've decided this race "Is What It Is" and I'm not sure training during the summer is really my cup of tea. I'm also not sure how I've managed to get faster except that when I run 3 miles at a 9 min/mi pace it makes a 9:50 min/mi pace seem a lot more comfortable and easy.

Between now and September 5th I want to do a 10 mile run and an 11 mile run. Whether I run 9 miles or not is TBD. I might be running out of time. It's pretty crazy how methodical training has become to me. It's a lot less mental and a lot more about forcing myself to do something I know I'm capable of. I wish I had higher weekly miles, but if I continue to hit the long runs at the pace I want, I guess I can't complain. I'm less burnt out and not over training.

Other Random Thoughts Floating Around In My Brain:

  • Finding out a guy likes to run is a turn on for me. I wouldn't say that MUST RUN is a requirement, but it's like we instantly get each other. It's cool :)
  • Runner's High makes me more absent minded than a drunk. I pumped gas after running 8 miles and drove home without putting the gas cap back on. I didn't realize this until I got home. Luckily the gas station attendant found it or a good samaritan turned it in. I also left my change of clothes at the gym. Geez Louise. I'm probably lucky I made it home in one piece.

Songs I LOVE right now:

Well, Dynamite is still my absolute favorite. It's my ringtone :)

Teenage Dream-- Katy Perry
"We'll Be Young Forever" YES PLEASE.

I Like It-- Enrique Inglesias ft. Pitbull
Huh. And to Think Enrique sang Hero and Pitbull sang Holiday Inn.

Love The Way You Lie-- Rhianna ft. Eminem
I actually haven't been that excited about Rhianna's new stuff and prefer a lot of rappers to Eminem. However, this song has increased my appreciation for both of them.

Club Can't Handle Me-- Flo Rida
Thank God Flo Rida is back. I've missed him.

And you [more than likely] heard it here first. This is yet to hit Top 100 downloads on iTunes......

Could It Be You-- H*wood. Sooooo good!