Running iTunes

I'm pretty obsessed with Running Music. From time-to-time I'll post about it. I figured...why not make one huge list of every song I ever said was good to run to? I've linked them to YouTube videos...just warning you...some are from concerts if the song doesn't have an official video!

06/26/10: "Treadmill Love"
06/16/10: "It's a Summer Thing!"-- "Summer" Running Songs

05/18/10: "Ready, Set, Shuffle"-- Short Run Playlist
05/02/10: "Spring Hill Fun Run 3k"
04/28/10: "I Don't Walk Wit a Limp"

04/18/10: "Long Run Playlist #2"
04/16/10: "Rollout"
04/14/10: "Glorious Run"
04/11/10: "Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Boom Box"
03/08/10: "Running Songs"
 01/31/10: "Power Songs"
11/28/08: "My First Ever Long Run Play List"