Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looks LIke I'm Cramming for a Half Marathon?!!

I think I've already determined I'm NEVER training for a half marathon in the summer again.
1. It's Hott
2. Summer is my favorite season

I run in the Fall, Winter, and Spring because it's a distraction while I wait for the Summer weather and pool time to get here. And there is just so much more going on in the Summer that it makes training difficult. My new job hasn't helped things.

Last night I ran 2.5 miles, this AM I ran 3, and tonight I ran 8. That means I ran 11 total today..and 13.5 in a 24 hour period. That's more than I've ran in a whileee. I hope to get one more long run in, which will most-likely be 10 miles...and then we'll see what happens on race day. I'm still running faster than I have before. Today nothing was slower than a 9:40 min/mi pace. I completed the 3 mile run in 27:20. I wish I could have done 11 miles straight, but work got in the way.

I'm hoping that by training at a sub 10 min/mi pace (although on the treadmill), I should be able to run the entire race close to a 10 min/mi pace. If not, it's totally my fault for not training hard enough and I'll have motivation for my next race. I guess worst case scenario [besides an injury] would be failure to PR, since my first 3 halves all have very similar finish times. I know I was capable of faster than 2:26:ish at the 2010 Shamrock Half but opted to run with my friend. Then I had to go and have IT band problems.

In a way I have to admit it feels badass to say I've been "lazy" and can still whip out long-ish runs in the time I want them. I may be crying around the 11 mile mark come race day...and I gotta feeling I'll be more sore this time than I have been in the past. I'm definitely ready for the beach afterparty! And getting Red Robin or Seafood afterward. Tapering shouldn't feel all that different than the rest of my summer. Heh. Anyone else get lazier about training after 3 races? It's a LOT less mental now for me.


Jamoosh said...

I love to run too much - even in the Houston humidity - to stop running. Then again, I don't have a pool.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, I love the distraction of those other season also! Training in the summer should be outlawed...

Andrew Opala said...

What does the Macmillan running calculator say? ;)

You are doing a great job, and running needs to be in balance with the rest of life. If you want to wrinkle up in a pool with your family - how can you feel guilty that you don't want the Earth slamming up on your feet and the vibrations cracking through your bones during the summer.

Julie said...

Rock star for getting back into it and feeling the mojo! Good luck with your short traininng and kick some butt at your half:) You are going to do great....I just have a feeling!

inspiREDtorun13 said...

Wow. Thanks for all the love so far!!! I basically disappeared. I wasn't expecting any comments. Period.

Just figured I might as well document my "training." Whatever happens, happens. Saying I've run 4 half marathons will be pretty baller. And so will a long weekend at the beach!

Update: Not that sore today despite putting 11 in yesterday.

Adam said...

Yay!!!! that is so awesome that you were able to crank out that many miles in such a short time. There is a lot of benifit to doing 2 a days.

BTW - even though I may be eyeballs deep in work, I will always make sure to keep up with your posts!

Shoot me an email - would love to hear how you are doing. New job going well?

The un-Zen Runner said...

I HATE running in hot weather. I'll never do a long run in the heat because I get so focused on my pace...which is super slow in the heat. That's how I keep my ego in tact...hehe. :)

Instead I'll do intervals or short runs when its hot.

NewbieRunner said...

2 miles in 27 minutes! Amazing! You go girl. I completley understand what you mean about training being hard during the summer months. I feel the same way. Plus you are right, it's so HOT outside! I'm excited to see your results in your race this weekend. Make sure you post lots of pics and GOOD LUCK! -Allyson