Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sharks and Minnows

Adam (The Boring Runner) tagged me with The Versatile Blogger Award. Whether he actually thought I deserved it or was running out of contacts who haven't done this yet, I do not know.

However, Thank You.
Because Memorial Day kicked off the unofficial start to summer, rather than play plain old virtual tag, I'm going to play virtual Sharks and Minnows.
I'm obviously the shark.
And the little Minnows I caught include:

Lauren [Bananas and Toast]
Christy [It Just Looks Like Slow Motion]
Allyson [So You Think You Can Run? One Way to Find Out]
Anton [Running on Blisters]
Not Just a Pretty Face
JF [Daily Trainings]
Melissa [Crazy or Determined] <-- When you come back from the blogging break ;) I'm pretty sure none of you have received this award yet. I like your blogs...and I'd love to hear 7 Random Things about you. That's the acceptance speech you're supposed to give when you receive the Versatile Blogger Award.

So without further ado, 7 Random Things about me:

1) I attended James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA and majored in Business Management... What I'm about to be doing career-wise with my life...should be kept on the hush for the time being. [Sorry]. I'll summarize with chasing dreams. And it couldn't be more different than IT consulting! (This photo is with my Grandad. One of my favorite people in the world. He's also hilarious!)

2) I have a younger sister, Laura, who is 22. And a younger brother, John, who is 18. Laura just graduated from Asbury College in Kentucky. She's going to be an Art Teacher. John will be attending The University of Virginia in the Fall. Wa-hoo-wa!

3) Summer is HANDS DOWN my favorite season. I love everything about it. Warm Weather. The Beach. The Pool. Water Parks. Amusement Parks. Long days. Cookouts. Fireflies. Sno Cones. Baseball games. Fireworks. Ice Cream. Concerts. Flip flops. Camping. The Fourth of July. You get the idea.
Here I am at Kings Dominion with one of my best friends from college, Erica.

4) The Office is my favorite show on that made it even cooler when I met Pam (Jenna Fischer) outside the Today Show in 2007. I often use this as my "fun fact about myself" in ice breaker games.

5) I really like College Football...I managed to sneak into OU v. Texas Tech in 2008 when I was in Oklahoma for work. It was The Game of The Week and had record attendance. NBD. I went to the game with my friend Ashley from middle school. She was living in Tulsa at the time.

6) I met Fonzie (Henry Winkler) in the DFW airport in 2008. A March snow storm canceled a ton of flights...his was cancelled too! He told me I had beautiful hair and to have a safe flight!
7) I was on TRL/the screen in Times Square in 2007. Ciara was the guest host...and a show clip I was in was shown on the screen in Times Square. I guess you could say that's my claim to fame!

Running updates:
4 mile run last week in 37:16 (9:19/mi)
Outside 2 miler around my parents neighborhood on Memorial Day
4 mile run today in 38:05 (9:31/mi). Happy National Running Day!


Julie said...

Great list! It was nice to find out a little more about you! Very cool that you got to meet Henry W./the fonz in the airport:) Yes, you do have beautiful hair!

Anonymous said...

DEF one of the coolest cats period..LOVED the Fonz back in the list...

Anne said...

So many cool moments! :)

Lauren said...

You've had quite a few brushes with fame - awesome girl!

And gahhh I've been tagged a few times now for virtual blogger award but I keep putting off my 7 things!!! Soon enough though!!!!

MCM Mama said...

You do have beautiful hair!

I went to UVA, many many years ago. Your brother will have a blast.

NewbieRunner said...

Love your random blog posts! I meant Dave Matthews last summer. He is my all time favorite musician. I enjoy going to his concert every summer. I was so nervous that the camera was shaking. I never did get a "great" pic but I still brag about the one I mangaged to get, even if it is blurry.

Pam aka Jenna Fischer is from St. Louis! A teacher I work with his best friends with her. They went to high school together. I have yet to meet her though.

Yeah for summertime! Gotta love it!

Adam said...

GREAT list! (you totally 'deserved' it)

You are probably one of the most famous by association people I know.

I'm super jealous that you met Pam! Although, you both look REALLY cold.

that is so funny that you met the fonze in the airport. I don't think out of all my flying that i've ever seen anyone all that famous!

Tricia said...

loved this

The un-Zen Runner said...

Your favorite show being The Office means we're officially friends. Can't believe you met the Fonz. I totally remember watching that show when I was like 3 years old.

inspiREDtorun13 said...

Wow! Cool that so many of you are big Fonzie fans! I watched Happy Days on Nick at Nite growing up. The full story of what happened is that I was waiting by the American Airlines kiosks and I saw who I thought was Henry Winkler standing off to the side (He was in sweats).

A flight attendant was helping him. When I heard her refer to him as "Mr. Winkler" rather than point and whisper like everyone else was doing I decided I definitely needed to say Hi to him.

I went over to him and told him I was a huge fan and that I loved Happy Days. He shook my hand. Asked my name. And told me I had beautiful hair. When he was walking out of the area he waved and called out "Have a safe flight Meredith!" It was so cool. Typically I go for photo opts or autographs...but I figured he'd had it rough with his flight being canceled and didn't want a scene.

@Julie and @MCMMama Thanks!

@MCMMama-- I plan on visiting him and being shown a blast ;)

@NewbieRunner-- Very cool you met Dave! Now you need to meet Jenna Fischer! She was really nice in the brief encounter I had with her!

@Adam-- Crazy that the whole Fonzie thing happened WEEK 2 of my life as a consultant right? And you're right I was FREEZING in the picture with Pam. You should reread my comment on your B-list celebs post for kicks ;)

@un-Zen runner-- Official friendship?! This is big.

"That's what she said." -MS