Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Did My Best

Don't worry I haven't been crying. But, between life being hectic and tons of snowfall in DC... "I Did My Best" is all I can say for my Half Marathon training this past week.

Again, it's not about being perfect. It's about a commitment and being real. Here's what went down.

Wednesday, 2/3-- I went to UVA for the Men's Basketball game v. NC State. This was an all day trip. I caught up with a friend from college who moved to Charlottesville then went to the game with my fam. No running.

Thursday, 2/4-- After getting back late Wednesday night, I worked from 10 AM- 11:30 P.M on Thursday. Thats: Gym, [Nanny]ing, Second shift at the gym (Not laundry.)

**My week is now starting at Friday because I took those two days off. And this is convenient, since I don't know how I ended up with training weeks starting on a Wednesday anyway**

Friday, 2/5-- 6 miles. (62 minutes.) I was running at a slower pace, expecting to do more than 6 miles. The snow was falling kind of hard and I decided getting home safely was more important than a couple more miles.

Saturday, 2/6-- Snowed in.

Sunday, 2/7-- 3 miles. (29:something.) Again I'll get better at recording times.

Monday, 2/8-- No time. Worked a lot.

Tuesday, 2/9-- 7 miles. Again running at a 10:30 pace. Again snow is falling. The long run is "long enough" at 7 miles...when I decide making it home safely should be my priority.

Wednesay, 2/10--Snowed in.

Thursday, 2/11-- I HAD EVERY INTENTION OF RUNNING BETWEEN 6-8 MILES. Last minute I agreed to babysit all night. I did a quick 4 Miles after work (39:11).

So...this week I ran 6+3+7+4.
That adds up to 20 miles.
That's really not that good. I was talking to my dad about this and he said "That's 20 more miles than I ran."

True. But he's not signed up for a half marathon. Anyway, like I've said before, I think it is good to have a lighter week as long as it's ONE not a cluster of them together. It's what Hal calls for when you have a longer run the next week....will I do a 10 mile run next week though? Maybes.

I think the one thing that's reassuring is that from the conversations I've had and overheard at the gym all of the "regulars" had an "off-week" when it came to training because of the bad weather in DC. I can't help but think Dane Cook would be proud of me.


WannabeRunner said...

I don't think that's bad at all! You got some miles in, much better than getting in no miles at all. You'll be fine. :)

Adam said...

Dane cook WOULD be proud.

i'm with you, nothing like a forced step back week to drive you bonkers.