Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time to Get Serious!

It's less than a month until race day and I treated the last week as such.

February 19-February 25

3 miles (Umm...31:something. This was NOT a run I pushed myself on pace.
4 miles (39:40)
3 miles (28 minutes flat)
10 miles (1:42:38)
4 miles (39:18)

For a grand total of 24 miles, despite being (sort of) sick. Why I have such a hard time shaking colds, I don't know. I stopped taking the cold medicine after a week and tried to make my body heal itself. Those 24 miles probably didn't make things easier for my little army of white blood cells, but I can't imagine the effects of lounging around for 2 weeks on my training. So it is what it is. And thankfully, I've at least been running inside.
**Here's a question for you readers. I've heard that training for a marathon is hard on your immune system and makes your body more susceptible to colds. Could this also be true for half marathon training? Or is that just not enough running? I'm curious because I've gotten a cold each February that I was training for a half. But that could also just be because February is a winter month?

Additional Things:

  • I was told by a marathoner I know and a trainer at my gym last week to push it until "I felt like going further would be pushing it too hard, and then STOP." So that's what I did. In terms of mileage especially.

  • The last four mile run I did was with a girl who has done 3 marathons (at least). She comes into the gym at the same time I do and talks to me on the treadmill. Another (plus 1) for treadmill don't have to hold the same pace as your running buddy!!! And stopping early while running with an impressive running buddy just isn't going to happen.

  • Another exciting moment from the past week, was a girl I know told me she saw me "running fast" the day i did the 3 miler in 28 minutes. She probably saw me sprinting at the end, but I don't get that a lot so I'll take it!

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