Thursday, March 11, 2010

26.2 [Weekly] Miles!

There really must be something to the idea of cutting back your weekly mileage before an increase. Last week I ran 17 miles. I didn't even make it to 20. But I was feeling so burnt out I knew this decrease was necessary.

This week (Friday, March 5- Thursday, March 11) I ran 26.2 and felt great for basically all of them! I'm pretty sure this is the most miles I've ever ran in a week, so for symbolic purposes I ran the distance of a marathon rather than just 26. Yeah I know, I know, if I were training for a marathon I'd get up to like 40 miles in a week. But this is a fun mini-accomplishment for me.

Fri, March 5: 4 miles
*Note what you are about to read is not a reenactment. It is THE realization I had while typing this post.
Sat, March 6: 10k ........AHHH OMG DAMMIT. I forgot I went on 10k and 5k runs this week. I was just adding them in my (Elementary School Level Math) [Running] Head as 6 and 3 mile runs. I went on a symbolic weekly distance of 26.5 miles :-/

*I then Googled this. I'm considering ordering the workbook from Amazon. It would give me something else to do on the treadmill. Either way the dog looks like it enjoys running which I can relate to. And there are probably pictures.

Sun, March 7: 5k
Tues, March 9: 11 miles
Thurs, March 11: 2.2 miles (20:32)..I think

For a grand total of 26.5 miles.
That's kind of a lot!

Now I'm all set to taper. (I actually don't really like tapering all that much. I may post about that.) I feel like March is flying by! I know I'm ready for this race but it's weird that it's almost here. AGAIN.

3 Halves in 365 days. A year ago I thought I'd just do one...A year ago this blog had come to a halt...A year ago I was on a completely different career track...and as tough as this past year has been

I can say running has been a constant. And I have had some experiences I wouldn't trade for the world :)


Adam said...

nice work, 26.2 miles in a week is a great milestone. All of those miles will really serve you well during your half in a week!

Enjoy the taper!

Julie said...

Good job on your miles this week!! I can't read when I am running on the mill...I am very impressed that you can:) Keep up the awesome work! I am looking forward to hearing more about your training:) I hope that you have an excellent weekend!!

WannabeRunner said...

Way to go, girly!!

inspiREDtorun13 said...

@Julie... I can't actually read on the treadmill. Not even mags. And I struggle with math on the treadmill. So that elementary workbook would be quite the challenge.