Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here We Go!

To a non-runner tapering probably sounds like the greatest thing ever. "You can finally be lazy!" Personally I don't like it.

I dislike tapering for a few reasons:
  • I tend to naturally lose a few pounds in the course of training. Not running much for a week and having an appetite like I still am chalking up tons of miles is annoying. Yes I know, I know. I'm going to go run 13.1 miles on Sunday. This time around I'm actually making a point to eat pretty healthy. I guess it's just a will power thing. And opens my eyes to the fact that running really is the only reason I can eat whatever I want. (Sigh).
  • The combination of increased nerves+decreased endorphins is not fun. My body has spent the past two months getting really used to a routine. Having to rest more than a couple days makes me somewhat cranky. Then without a long run to calm my nerves. I get more nervous about the upcoming race. I realize I NEED to rest for a week, but all I want to do is fast forward to race day. Patience. It's a virtue. One I'm still looking for ;)
  • Again with the food. I have to think about if it could potentially upset my stomach on race day. Even if my non-running friends want to eat wings and brownies when we get together on Friday night, I won't be touching them.
Okay, so maybe tapering isn't that bad. But it's just different than "taking a relaxing week off" or going on a vacation. It's a physical break not a mental one.

Something that has helped TREMENDOUSLY is that I'm tapering during an exciting week. St. Patrick' Day+ March Madness=Distraction city. If this were an intense week it may have been hard to get all the miles in.

I ran last Friday and Saturday. Then ran Tuesday and Thursday. My goals for Tuesday and Thursday night were geared toward pace.

Tuesday's have typically been my "long run night." I decided to make Tuesday my most intense workout of the week. I think some people don't do more than a 4 mile jog when tapering. Mentally I needed something a little more challenging to feel confident going into race day.

I had planned to run 4-6 miles. That afternoon the 11 year old I baby-sit on a whim wanted to go on a run. She NEVER wants to run. I really wanted to be like
"SHHH! Not while I'm TAPERING!" But I usually have to beg her to go on a 1 mile run, so I agreed.

Then that night I went to the gym. I did 4 miles in 38:10. Went to the restroom. Then ran another mile in 8:52.

Thursday I ran 2.5 miles in 22:10.

My main goal for this week was that every distance I ran I wanted to push the pace since that's what I hope to have the energy to do toward the end of the half. We'll see. Knowing I can run that fast is at least a confidence/endurance boost. And with that I'm off to VA Beach!!!


Anton said...

Good luck for the race. Fingers crossed for a good time for you :-)

Anne said...

I'm sure you'll do an amazing job! My very own first half-marathon is scheduled for May 30 :) ...I'm pretty excited.

Adam said...

Soooo Soooo Sooooo?? How did it go? How did it go???