Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is All So Crazy!

Tonight I did something new. I went on an ELEVEN mile training run. Previously, I had only run eleven miles(without stopping) in an actual race.

This was much different than my attempt last week. This was my "last chance workout." The Shamrock Half is less than two weeks away and I will not be doing another super long run between now and then. I knew that I wanted to do eleven miles without stopping. Oh and my friend Meghan ran on the treadmill next to me! So I wasn't alone.

I ran at a pace of 10:30/mi for the first nine miles. Mile 10 was probably around 10:15. And Mile 11 was 9:58. So I did 11 miles in roughly 1:53:00. I don't have an exact time because the treadmill stops you after an hour. And I was trying to do the addition in my head.

My muscles felt great endurance wise. Unfortunately my stomach started aching around mile 4. I actually didn't drink a thing until I had run 7 miles. Usually I drink something after 5ish miles. I knew that drinking anything before 7 miles would only make my stomachache* worse.

*These weren't the kind of cramps caused by dehydration. And it is possible for both males and females to experience the kind of pain I was in. I wanted to avoid a bathroom break until after the run if at all possible. And I managed to. My logic was that I've pushed myself through a 3 mile run in pain* before. So if I made it to 7 miles I could do that again, and cut the run short at 10 miles (if I had to). I took another "Gatorade Break" after 10 miles. For a split second I really thought about stopping. Then I realized I had it in me to keep going. I started running again.

At this point I had already told my friend Meghan "bye." She was done with her run and leaving. I was at 10.12 miles when Meghan ran back over to my treadmill. She was like "MILEY IS ON!" (The gym was playing Party in the USA). Meghan said "You are meant to run this mile tonight!"

Talk about encouragement! (I took out my iPod headphones at this point.) Party in the USA is one of my running jams. I think Miley is actually singing about running. And the Jay-Z song she is rocking out to is either Run This Town or 8 Miles and Runnin'. Without question.

I didn't even feel tired until after 8 miles. At 9 miles I was starting to feel it. Same with 10.
11 wasn't AWFUL but after Miley's song was done, the last half mile was kind of long. I'm hoping for a half marathon finish that is less painful this time around.

I've introduced speed work, more weekly mileage, and an 11 mile run to my training plan.
Only time will tell!


Adam said...

Nice work!! That is awesome. Before you know it 11 miles will be a walk in the park. Now, you can enjoy the taper!

Speaking of dorky songs I run to..... Party in the USA just may accidentally be on there too :(

inspiREDtorun13 said...

@Adam-- Party in the USA is a running song. Therefore, it cannot be dorky.

Haha, at least in my world. And that's the beauty of headphones NO ONE HAS A CLUE what you are listening to. Even while running and watching college football ;)

Julie said...

Awesome job on your eleven mile treadmill run girl!! That is pretty hard to do:) I think the most that I have done on the mill was ten miles. I have only run in two half marathons so far. I have a Get Lucky! 7k coming up next weekend and then my next half marathon is the third Saturday in April. Good luck with your training. Once you have that half marathon under your belt you will feel much better:) Keep up the great work! I can't wait to read your race report:)

I am glad that you are reading Adam's blog...he is so funny:) He is a great guy with a good heart:)

WannabeRunner said...

Awesome job!! You are really bad as for being able to do 11 miles on the treadmill. I know i would have given up from boredom!