Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Hip Don't Lie :(

So I've been reading running blogs for a while. And I'm a pretty faithful commenter if the writer complains about an injury preventing them from running. Reason being: I've been THERE. I had to stop jogging my senior year of college when I had a sharp pain in my right knee. This was never officially diagnosed... I had a PT at my church look at it... and she said it was either due to a slight tear in my meniscus or a tight IT band. RICE [Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation] thankfully healed it. But that doesn't mean I wasn't dramatic about it as I sat around icing and propping up my knee. I may or may not have secretly cried that "I'd never run again." Um it's not like I was wounded in battle. Or was in a debilitating accident. I just needed to rest. Luckily it healed before I got to the "Do You Wanna See What My Life Is?" point ;)

I guess I've been pretty fortunate up until now. I've read about other runners' injuries and I only had the minor soreness, aches, and pains that come with training for a half marathon. I left encouraging comments and trained away. Probably two weeks before the half my right hip started getting kind of sore but it wasn't bad enough to prevent me from running or something I noticed once I had warmed up. I felt SO GOOD on race day. And although it wasn't a PR for me... the 2010 Shamrock Half is the best race I've had so far. In terms of not running out of steam and level of fun. I want to get back to that point. Where I'm drinking a Yuengling on the beach feeling like I've come so far.

I'd say my "overall soreness" was probably less for my 3rd half...BUT...for the first time I had pain in specific areas after the race. My left foot and right hip were sore. I vaguely remember twisting my foot weirdly when we had to run onto the grass to let an ambulance through. I almost bumped into someone...so I'm pretty sure that was what was up with that. And luckily that pain is gone. My hip was sore for the 10k... I took some Advil before the race.. and really it was the least of my worries if you read THAT race report. Initially I thought maybe the 6.2 mile run helped get out the kinks...
but I tried running yesterday on the treadmill and I realized...I need to take a break from running :(

I did one mile in 9:55 and my hip was sore the entire time. I could feel myself limping/altering my stride. I then did a mile and half on the elliptical. (I HATE the elliptical. I know most people love it. They should be glad I'd never fight them for it.) And then I did 7.5 miles on the bike. This didn't really seem to irritate my hip, thankfully.

But... I think I need to take an entire week off from running. I'm currently Googling treatment for a sore hip flexor. I don't think this is anything that a break from running won't cure. But if anyone has any insight...or preventative exercises I can do... I'd appreciate it.

Realistically, I'm probably due for a running break. I was diligent about training since the end of December. I'm "listening to my body" so things don't get worse. And waiting until I feel better to sign up for my next half. This might be the Marine Corp Half. Or might be a race in June. We'll see. And if any one "isn't feeling it" about going running this week...just think I'd kill be to able to cover those miles!


Anton said...

Sorry to hear about your pain. I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be and wish you all the best with the recovery. A few days rest might be a good idea although some gentle walking and stretching could be a good help to the recovery.

I use the following site a lot and have found the content pretty useful. Good luck with the mending :-)


Julie said...

I had to play a little catch up here!! Nice job on your half marathon! You did great:)

I have also been dealing with hip issues since last August. I started having a problem with my right hip right after my first ten mile race. It hurt so bad:( I also ended up taking some time off to let it heal. I never went to the doctor...party because I was terrified of what the outcome would be. I really think that you are doing the right thing by taking a few days off from running. Better be safe than sorry:) Hang in there and I hope that your hip starts to feel better soon:)

BrianFlash said...

Sometimes you just need the time off. Scatter in those easy weeks sometimes - it is amazing how much they help when you are ramping up the miles.

My philosophy is no more then 5 days a week and if I'm sick, weak, injured, etc. I don't mind missing the run.

Adam said...

Blah. I wish that I had some advice, but surprisingly hip issues are something that I haven't had to deal with - yet.

But, I agree with Brian that you are probably due for a break anyway. Enjoy the time off.

(and that ricky bobby clip cracks me up every time)

Running Diva Mom said...

just found your blog -- looking fwd to following your journey -- keep up the great work!!!! The half marathon is my absolute favorite distance.