Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Glorious Running Cramps!

So for the past two(+) weeks... I haven't gone on a run longer than a measly mile. My hip has been bothering me enough that any more than that seemed like I'd be "pushing it" beyond what was conducive to recovery.

I did take an ibuprofen before I ran today, but I've kind of been taking those every-so-often and while it minimizes pain... it doesn't do enough for me that I'm unaware if something is "off." I can still tell and that's why my other runs were cut at a mile.

Today I ran 2.2 miles around the neighborhood! My neighborhood is kind of I actually got to a point past what felt like a walk [er... run?] in the park. I felt like I was pushing myself... and I ran long enough that my stomach started to hurt! To a normal person or even to a runner... that sounds miserable. But, to sidelined little me...Oh, it was GLORIOUS! Granted, I was glad I was only on a 2 mile run. If I had been trying for something really far, I would have had a problem. I probably would have had to stop to walk/ find a bathroom. But, I was able to push through the stomach cramps and was thrilled to have something else bothering me other than my hip.

When I started on this run I did a mental "OhMyGosh! My hip doesn't hurt!" then had the most ridiculous smile plastered on my face for the rest of it. Stomach pains and all. (Oh, and Meghan just to give you the full visualization, I was wearing my Minnesota T-Shirt!) I left my watch at time mattered to me [at this point]... but I just realized I can calculate how long it took me based on my iTunes playlist:

Baby-- Justin Bieber (x3)...
Yikes. Might be a little obsessed with this song and the symbolism.

Dinosaur-- Ke$ha (x2)
Oh ladies... if you've ever been to a bar and HAVEN'T heard this song, listen to it immediately. It's so true. Basically an anthem for every old guy whose hit on you.

Kiss and Tell
-- Justin Bieber Alright, I realize this could very well be the playlist of an 11 year old... which is why the next song has enough profanity to make up for it.

I'm On a Boat-- The Lonely Island
Sssh-sshh-shortie. Yeah yeahhh yeah.

Party in the USA-- Miley
And duh.

I didn't get too far into Party in the I think I did this run in around 22-23 something minutes. That's quality. If I continue down this path of less pain, I'll start taking a watch. It's too soon for that.

I iced my hip and right knee after I got home. I want to be back SO BAD! In other news, I've signed up for my next race: The Spring Hill Elementary School Fun Run 3k on May 2nd (Again with the Baby Steps.) The kids I babysit go to that elementary school. I figured if I had to crawl across the finish line, it's still less than two miles. It's more of a fun run/walk...I don't think I'll get an official finish time. (I saw nothing when I Googled race results.) I may try to get the eleven year old I baby-sit to run the whole thing with me. One of these days I'm going to run solo and try for a PR at any distance.


Tricia said...


Adam said...

NICE!!! This is great.

Your playlist CRACKED me up. you have wayyy to much justin B on there and not enough Lonely Island.

"'re at kinkos straight flipping copies"

"...its a big blue watery road...."

inspiREDtorun13 said...


@Adam--I'll soon be posting the long run playlist I used while training for Half Marathon #3. You'll be glad to know I hadn't discovered JB at that point. Haha. And, I actually know every word to I'm On a Boat.....

(That was the song I was obsessed with at this time last year.)

Julie said...

Sorry to hear that your hip is still bugging you. You are doing the right thing by icing it and taking the drugs befor running:)

Did you go to the U oF M? You mentioned a Minnesota t-shirt.

Lauren said...

Great job with the 2 mile run! Yay for no hip pain. And dont' feel bad about your playlist mine is ridiculous too hehe :D I'm actually considering posting it one of these days for everyone to laugh at lol :D

inspiREDtorun13 said...

@Julie--My Minnesota T-shirt is my favorite t-shirt. I've worn it for more than one race (It always gets tons of cheers below the Mason-Dixon line.) I did not go to U of M... I have a friend who did...BUT I worked in Minneapolis/St. Paul for four months in 2008 and absolutely loved it. It would have to be one of the friendliest places I've ever been and I had the luxury of working there between April-August!

Oh and The Big Ten is awesome ;-)

PS. I'm actually wearing the Minnesota T-shirt in the Cherry Blossom race report...if you can tell. The sign's covering up the letters.