Monday, April 19, 2010

IDKMyBFF.... Rose!

It's funny, holidays seem to lead to very similar holiday themed posts in your Reader. In the world of Running Blogs, today brings post after post regarding the Boston Marathon.

In order to show that I too am aware the Boston Marathon took place today, I'll say that:
I WANT TO ATTEND PATRIOTS' DAY BEFORE I DIE!!!! [Preferably, sooner rather than later.]

I'm never going to qualify for the Boston Marathon. (I guess the senior citizen age groups are a possibility, but at this point running ONE marathon is still a lofty idea. Me doing two in a pair of Depends sounds pretty ridiculous.)

I love spectating. And I loved Boston the one time I went. And I'm in awe of fast runners. So, this is something I'm very serious about wanting to witness. It's likely my emotions will be moved to tears. But to laugh, think, and cry in a day is a full day. A heck of day.

In other news, you know how I've referred to the great Hal Higdon as my BFF? Today I was reading his book Marathon and he mentioned his wife, Rose. I'm over 200 pages into the book, so I doubt this is the first time he called her by name. Either way, today I realized that Hal actually has a wife he can say "IDKMyBFF Rose" to!

He just got that much cooler!

And I have to say I think it's fate that I had this realization on the day of the 2010 Boston Marathon.

[Well, I hope!]


Adam said...

lol. love it

Watching boston would be fun - but i'd probs just get depressed that i wasn't running.

inspiREDtorun13 said...

@Adam... Or maybe it would be a good extra push in your training? Watching races tends to make me want to run them more. If you had memories you could think of them when training? Just a thought.

(That's NOT why I'd be going. I want to have a good time :-P I've heard people RAVE about how fun watching it is.)