Monday, April 5, 2010

BABY Steps

Justin Bieber was in DC today for the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn!

One perk to nannying is that I always know what's cool in the world of tweens. And because of this I may or may not have become obsessed with his song Baby ;) JB is the new JTT...or the JTT of their generation. I actually think the two are eerily similar looking. [Scroll down if you dare to compare!] I guess its reassuring that the taste of American teen girls hasn't changed much since 1996.

I say anyone who can get Luda to rap about when he was 13 and had his first love... is beyond legit as a musician. I mean seriously. The same guy who brought us "Move Bitch" getting nostalgic and emotional.

Aaaand then you have CONAN, who can't stop tweeting about Bieber. It will be interesting to see if JB can follow the path of the other Justin. JT.

Or if he falls off the face of this earth like JTT.

, I have WAY too much time on my hands. I blame my granny hip. Or that's what I'm now calling my sore right hip. I've been icing it. Taking Advil. Cutting back the amount of days I workout per week. And I took an entire week off of running. Last week I did the elliptical, cybex, and stationary bike. I'm not really sure what the best form of cardio is when your hip flexor is sore but these didn't seem to make anything hurt worse and there was no pounding. I only worked out TWO days last week. It's been a looooong time since I've said that. I stretched almost everyday though. The pigeon seems to be the most helpful.
This morning I woke up and decided the time had come. To take a deep breath and baby steps and attempt a one mile run around my neighborhood. There are some hills but it was only a mile and if I needed to, I'd abort mission. Cardio-wise I was able to run this easily. I never experienced any sharp pain. And when the run was done I was in no worse pain than before I started.

I think I'm going to attempt this same run tomorrow and a few other times this week. The weather is gorgeous and for my mental sanity... I think I need to.

I'm just going to throw this out there and see if anyone else can relate:
I'm NOT a crier....but I've decided the reason why is I run when I'm upset. Or because I run all the time things don't upset me to the point where I'll burst into tears. I have too many endorphins. And I just hate crying in general.

The CRAZY thing is... I think I turn into a crier when I can't run :-(

I've cried over petty things the past two nights. Last night I even did the "look at myself in the mirror as I was crying." Dane Cook would be proud. Patience is not something I'm gifted with. And not knowing how long I won't be able to run long distances starts to wear at me. If I stay busy I'm okay. But yesterday I missed my family on Easter...and I cried. Tonight my plans got canceled. And I...cried? Those weren't really the only things I was upset about...but even if I listed everything...if I was able to go on a long run I doubt I would have shed so many tears.

Anyway, hopefully by next week I can attempt at least a 3 mile run. I'm ITCHING to start training for another half. Or 10k. I'm so bored I've resorted to... watching myself cry?! Which is about as lame as an injury. What changes in emotions do you all notice when you can't run?


Julie said...

Oh, I know how you feel. I am sorry that things have been tough on you lately:( Honestly, sometimes we all need a good cry. There are absolutely times where I feel so stressed with life that it just seems like the logical thing to do. Hang in there...keep your chin up and I promise things will start looking up for you:) Hugs for you:)

Anonymous said...

congrats on teh short run...probably felt good to get out and test teh waters a bit...keep taking care of yourself...

Anton said...

I get really grumpy when I can't run or if its been a couple of days since a long run my family are generally shovelling me out the door to go get my endorphin fix and get me back to normal. So I can fully understand why you felt different with the enforced lay off. Glad you managed the first step back though and fingers crossed the next run goes just as well :-)

NewbieRunner said...

What did happen to JTT? haha! <3
Baby steps are always good. You deserve the rest and break after your amazing half. I agree though, I feel so much less stressed and less in cry mood when I run. I swear running has helped with my reoccuring headaches as well.

Lauren said...

I think running actually makes me cry, and it's not a "wow I'm in pain" type of crying it's just an emotional release. I tend to bottle my feelings up and when you're out there on the road and thinking about stuff in life, you can't just hold stuff inside. It's my therapy session :) I'm sure people think "my god why doesn't she stop running if it's making her cry" but it's not like that :)

When I don't get to run I just get depressed and bottle stuff up as normal :D

I hope you get back out there soon!!

Adam said...

I know how you feel. I run the gambit of emmotions when I can't run, but mostly i feel guilt about all of the food that I continue to eat.