Friday, April 9, 2010

IDunno, IDunno, IDunno

A girl I lived with in college always said her IDunno's quickly and in threes. I'll catch myself doing it sometimes and think of her. IDunno, IDunno, IDunno is pretty much how I feel about my running status.

Monday I went for a little jog around the neighborhood. It seemed to be an okay time to attempt baby steps. And I wasn't especially sore after. Maybe I should have iced my hip. Or something.

Tuesday I was all ready to do the same run again. I hadn't taken any Advil this time and...I was too sore to complete the run :( I made it to the end of my street and decided between my right hip and right knee if I pushed it... I would hurt something and went for a walk instead. I felt super cool with my iPod..walking. But whatever.

That night I iced my hip. And knee. (I don't think my knee is actually hurt but somehow with the compensating it's sort of sore. This could be a sign that instead of hip flexor problems its actually my freakin' IT band. I had trouble with that nerd in college. Not since, but it flared up randomly in college whooo knows.

Wednesday, when I woke up my hip was very sore. I took two Advil and went to work. Amazingly I had no pain whatsoever all day... and that evening I did a one mile run outside, again. No real trouble.

(Fyi, I'm not taking Advil around the clock. And I probably should be more diligent in having an
"icing schedule." Same for a non-running workout schedule...I think what happened is that I needed a break from all the training and rest was my main plan of attack. Call it lazy...but it is what it is.)

Today I did a one mile run on the tready in 9:22. I then did a mile on the elliptical. And seven on the stationary bike. I knew if I pushed it for more than a mile it would be a bad idea, since my hip still doesn't feel perfect. But I guess on the positive side of things, the short runs don't seem to be making anything worse. And I've felt good enough for 3 short runs this week. I really want to get to a point where I can just not worry about how my hip is feeling and run for a long time.

I guess I should be glad that I'm at least able to exercise, but I know I'm losing running endurance with each passing day, and it's pretty annoying. Another scary that it's almost getting to the point where it's fun to be lazy. [Sigh.] For the first two to three weeks after the half, I wanted nothing more than to go on a pain free 8 mile run. I still do.

But it's kind of nice having all this extra time that I'm not training. I feel like a "normal person." I think I'll take one additional EASY week...then I'll have to look into a legit non-running workout plan IF my hip is still kind of meh. Which "meh" is pretty much how I feel about non-running workouts so hopefully I can soon start training again!


Adam said...

Wow! You did the entire gambit of cardio machines! Keep plugging away and you'll be back at it before you know it.

inspiREDtorun13 said...

@Adam-- Yes. I'm too ADD to enjoy any of them for that long. I really don't understand how one could stay or the elliptical or cybex for 45 minutes and leave the gym feeling refreshed.

I guess the little-to-no break I take between machines makes it okay. Maybe. I actually do like biking...which is why it gets the majority of my time. (And of course I LOVE the tready...although we've hit a rough patch and "are on a break right now."