Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 Miles. YeeHaw!

Well, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I spent mine in Lexington, KY for my younger sister's graduation from college. It was an 8 hour car ride each way...(on the way back we were loaded down with all of her stuff)...and I was bored...so this happened:

(No homo.) The kids I babysit actually learned the rap part to Baby first. Then I of course HAD to. We cruise around town like this. I was happy to learn it's just as fun on a road trip. I think my family was impressed. Maybe just concerned, IDK.
Other note-worthy items from (Lexington) Kentucky.
  • The bouncer at the bar we went to was wearing a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and Suspenders.
  • The liquor stores there are called Liquor Barns
  • A friend jokingly asked me if I ran into John Calipari or John Wall (from the UK Basketball team). It would have been amazing to say "Sup Cuz?" to DeMarcus Cousins...or challenge the boys to a game of HORSE, but that didn't happen. We did, however, see a Justin Bieber look alike at dinner on Saturday.

I didn't get a chance to run until I got back on Monday night. I just did 2 miles around the neighborhood....and actually walked on two uphills (oopsies). I was pretty achy and wiped out from all the riding in the car and decided "something is better than nothing, I'll push myself tomorrow."

Tonight I ran 3 miles on the treadmill in 29:52! That's the first time I've done 3 miles without stopping since the Shamrock Half. I'm getting to the point now where I have to push myself past what's comfortable. It's been so long since I've been able to do that, there's a slight temptation to be lazy, BUT, I want to be back bad enough that I'm sticking to it.

I really don't think there is anyway I'll be ready for a half marathon the first weekend in June. (The mileage increase would be a lot more than 10% per week. And it's not like I just didn't run, I've been hurt) Meaning my next [long] race will most-likely be the Virginia Beach Rock n' Roll Half on September 5th. Geez that's a long way awayyyy. But--- that allows plenty of time to PR in the 5k and 10k distances and work on getting faster. I'm thrilled to be running Advil free and that I have soreness that has nothing to do with an injury.

Also, a friend who ran a half marathon in 2:02:31 Sunday wants to start running together. Um..."Here is my ass, feel free to start kicking it." I'm pretty excited about this! My goal for 2010 is still 2:10:00, whether I hit it or not, we'll see...


Lauren said...

Yay! Glad to see you're back running and healthy. Smart choice to nix the half marathon in June!!!

Anton said...

woohoo...3 miles ticked off...now onto 4. I still have faith you will hit that 2:10...just look at the progress you have made so far :-)

Adam said...

CONGRATS! 3 mi is awesome.

LOL @ no homo

Love the aviator style glasses. I think my next pair might be those.

Julie said...

Now that is talent:) You go girl!!

Awesome job on that three mile mill run! Keep up the great work!

Jamoosh said...

A Liquor Barn in Kentucky. Why am I not surprised!

MCM Mama said...

Glad you are feeling better and able to get back to running! You'll be knocking off the long runs soon, but I agree better not to do the one in early June.

The un-Zen Runner said...

You're lucky to have a running buddy to kick your ass. That's like a free personal trainer. I sure could use that! Oh and I love the bieber look-alike and you so shamelessly snapped his photo at the restaurant. The other day I got a picture of some dude on the train with like a 12" afro. Seriously bad-ass.

NewbieRunner said...

Yeah for 3 miles! Good for you! I did my first 3 miles since my half this past week too. It was a great feeling. I too am feeling "lazy" as of right now. I looked up the rock and roll half marathon's on their website. I'm determined to do one. I wish they had one in St. Louis yet it would be really to run in another city. Chicago is the closest for me yet it's in August. There's no way I can run in the heat for 13 miles. I then saw the Virgina Beach half on Labor Day weekend. I decided that would be the perfect destination and the perfect time(i'll be off work that Monday). I have to have surgery that weekend now so so much for that. :( Maybe next year.
PS- Great time goal! Love it!

inspiREDtorun13 said...

I definitely recommend them. Aviators are AWESOME. Especially when worn on a boat.

@un-Zen runner
Shameless photography of strangers is one of my many joys in life. The key is being somewhat discreet. Afroman sounds ridiculous!