Thursday, May 6, 2010

LOVE it.

A few things:
  • I went on a 3 mile run Monday
  • I saw OK Go Last Night!
  • I had a shitty day today...but...
  • I went on a 2.25 mile run tonight, and am no longer upset :)

If you missed my post about how I prepared for the 3k I ran Sunday, I could summarize by saying "I didn't." So I was fairly happy with a pace of 10:05 min/mi on a hilly course, but knew I was capable of faster.

Monday night I ran 2 miles on the treadmill in 19:26 (that's a 9:43 min/mi pace). The 3k split was 18:20 (a 9:51 min/mi pace). HELL YES! I knew I could hit 9:50 min/mi. So what if it was on a treadmill and a day after my race. I haven't been pushing my pace as hard as I had been before the Shamrock Half Marathon so it's a relief to know I can hit those times and feel good doing it.

After taking a short walk break I cranked out another mile in 9:30 exactly. Soon I want to do a 3 mile run without stopping.

And I think this is coming because tonight I ran 2.25 miles around the neighborhood. I did this in either 22:19 or 23:19... that's sad I don't remember. (It's just been one of those days.) Either way my pace could have been as fast as 9:55 min/mi or as slow as 10:20 min/mi. I'm thrilled with either, and the best part about it is that I felt GREAT! I don't know if it's because I took 2 days off of running. Or am finally healing. Or needed a run like no other. But I have to say the hardest part about this overuse injury has been the days where I just mentally need a long run, but physically couldn't go for one.

I'm not the same person when I'm unable to run. The shirt picture is kind of a joke, but I realize myself being a million times happier when training for a race. It's slightly stressful. Slightly a downer of a time commitment. But overall when I'm training the sky just seems a little bluer, I can't stop smiling, and I have an overwhelming amount of positive energy. Oh-- and I can eat whatever I want without feeling guilty. Basically this is me:

I realize this is the movie---but, I think I've actually seen just about every episode of The Brady Bunch. [Oddly,] Peter was always my favorite because he was funny. Greg was a lot hotter though. Duh. He was so groovy.

The Fun Run race report is still coming. And Julie is hosting a giveaway because she has reached 100 followers! She's from Minnesota (a state that I love)...and trust me when I say I only post links to giveaways I truly want to win. On top of tons of running gear she's giving away The Blindside!!!


Anne said...

Yay on a great run!! I love those...a good run makes me grin like a fool :)

Jamoosh said...

OK Go - I love those guys. Color me jealous.

Lauren said...

I know what you mean sometimes you just need to run. That seems to always happen to me on days when I decide to wake up early and go for a run and then something super stressful happens LATER in the day and I really wish I could just run it out but I already ran that day :( annoying.

And yay for being healed!

Julie said...

It sounds like things are getting better for you:) Your run was great!! I really like the shirt!

The Brady Bunch was one of my favorites growing up. It was on after I got home from school. Seeing this video clip was like a flash back:) The newer Brady Bunch movies were so can't help laughing! Thanks for linking me in:) Happy weekend!

MCM Mama said...

Good job on the paces! I'm a beyotch if I don't run on a pretty regular basis. Should make the week after the marathon interesting around here.

Anton said...

I have the same problem in that I am terrible if I don't run. So toked for you that you are starting to get out there more. I know how hard it has been with your enforced lay off. Looking forward to hearing more about the recovery and return to longer distances :-)

Adam said...

OK go would be SUCH a fun concert. I like their music but I feel like their/my personalities would jive really well.

Sucks that you had a crap day, but doesn't running ALWAYS make it better?

Learn from the 3K. Improve, and kill it next time!