Tuesday, January 5, 2010

7 Miles (After Eating Sushi)

Just thought I'd throw out the fact that I went on a 7 mile run after eating sushi. I didn't try anything too extravagant tonight. The friend I was with seemed to want my recommendation on all items. So I went with "safer" choices: Salmon Avocado Rolls, California Rolls, and Tuna California Rolls. Ooh and edamame. Sushi is one of my favorite foods. Probably because its a way for me to combine my love for seafood and avocados.

When I lived closer to a sushi place I used to get it after waking up from a night out. My body is used to the cravings at times most people would NOT be in the mood. But still, I've never eaten sushi before a long run. Only after. I can't imagine that its a great pre-workout choice based on the flavor it leaves in your mouth. But I had dinner plans with a friend already set and this run NEEDED to happen since it didn't on Monday.

I completed my first 7 mile run of 2010 tonight in 1:11:19. Thats a 10:11/mile pace. I really think that running more than 10 miles before a half marathon is going to help my time tremendously. I'm very happy with this pace. It felt comfortable. It's just a matter of maintaining it the whole time.

Tonight at the gym I met a girl who has run 3 marathons. She hopes to soon qualify for Boston. I reallyyy just wanted to watch the Orange Bowl and keep chit-chat to a minimum. But, talking to her for the first 5.5 miles made them go by more quickly. And its just more proof of how friendly the running community is. She heard me mention to a guy who knows me that I am running the Shamrock Half Marathon and hopped on the treadmill next to me for her one hour run. She was giving me pointers on things she has learned over the years and said my form was good.
She encouraged me to eventually go for a full. Golly gee. Is that REALLY the next step once you have a few halves under your belt?

Right now I know I need to focus on the half marathon distance. But, I'll file away this [yet another] recommendation.


WannabeRunner said...

I am pretty sure i am the only person in the world who does not like sushi. :)

Wow, 7 miles on the treadmill! Good job! I am definitely not a treamill runner - i get bored way too easily and find it's easy to convince myself to just hop off. :P

Adam said...

Nice! I'm almost 100% sure that I would have yacked if I had sushi before a long run.

I honestly think that if you ran 7 miles on a treadmill, you could totally do 13 in a race.