Sunday, January 17, 2010

Speed Work


I really was a lazy bum after November 8th and until Christmas. I didn't stop running completely, but I also wasn't in as much of a "routine" when it came to running. I had nothing to work towards, my uncle was very sick, Christmas was going on, and lots of social activity took place. I ran every few days. Sometimes I did a 4 mile run. 5 and 6 both happened. 3 happened more often than any of the others. Basically a lot was on my mind. So much so that I didn't feel like running as frequently. Since Christmas...I've been getting back into a regular schedule. This past week has worked out to:

Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 6.25 miles

Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: 4 miles

(I'll be running either Monday or Tuesday. And, no, my "weeks" don't usually start on Wednesday.)

If you are referencing the Hal Higdon plan for beginners, that shouldn't match any of them. Hal is my BFF (more on that later). But, I've only followed his plan religiously once. I make sure that I increase my long run distance by 10% each week and get more than one 10 mile run in prior to a half. But, I sort of just do what "I'm feeling" and 95% of the time that is at least 3 miles.

You may be wondering when I'm going to talk about Speed Work. Good question. I have a good answer: Right now.

Because my body isn't quite used to five workouts a week. [Lameeeee.] Saturday was a little painful. I think it was one of those days that I just didn't feel like running. I made myself go to the gym anyway. Typically I run on the treadmill without stopping. On Saturday I ran one mile at a 10:20/mi pace then walked .1 of a mile. I ran another mile at 10:20/mi pace and walked another .1 At this point I was pissed at myself for being so lazy. And pissed that the Saint's game was not on at the gym. For whatever reason the Gold's Gym in Richmond, VA doesn't get Fox. HOW Fox News was on and regular Fox wasn't coming through is beyond me. But I decided to channel my frustration and told myself:

"Guess what. Since you can't seem to commit to any distance worth noting, this is now a speed workout." I broke the third mile into four laps. I did 2 at a 8:00/mi pace. One lap a little faster than that. I don't remember the pace. And then for my fourth and final lap I ran it at a speed of 8.3 which i believe is about 7:15/mi pace. Between each "lap" I walked .1 or so.

Really this wasn't that hard. I don't even know if that's enough speed work to count as a "speed workout." But, it made me feel like I was finally doing something worthwhile with what could have been a "joke" trip to the gym. And like it was okay to go eat Buffalo Wild Wings with my brother and his friends while watching the Ravens-Colts ;-)

Today, I ran 3 miles at a 10:20/mi pace. After 3.15 miles, I stopped to walk. But decided I didn't want to end my workout only completing 3 miles. So after walking a lap, I ran a fourth mile in 9:35. Pushing myself to go a little faster and farther past what's comfortable. Somehow, I'm going to get faster. But, my body needs to get used to working out 5 days a week again. Meh.

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Adam said...

Hal Higdon is pretty much a stud.

Ummm, yeah - I'd call that a speed workout alright! Nice work.

So, basically you're showing me up - I'm only doing 4x a week right now!