Friday, December 19, 2008

I ran 6.1 Today

So today I ran 6.1 miles. I only have to add 7 more miles to that distance by March 22, 2009, no big deal?!

I did feel pretty great and capable of completing it. I probably could have forced myself to do seven if that was what Hal told me to do. But he said 6, so I ran 6. It's kind of daunting to know that is not even half of the half marathon distance. And that I have to get to the point where 6 miles is a piece of cake. Currently 5 miles is my "comfortable, not that bad distance."

I'm excited for the day when I run 10 miles. That will be ridiculous. Until then I will just keep on running. And hoping I receive fun text messages during my runs... like today. They are always fun to read as I walk back to my apartment!

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