Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monument Avenue 10k!

One point of clarification, I did not complete a 5k race, I just did a 5k run the other week. There weren't any 5k races I could enter that week, but since I have roughly 6 extra weeks I should be able to find both a 5k and 10k race to occupy some of that time once it gets a bit warmer and all of the holidays are behind us.

Today I signed up for the Monument Avenue 10k...

the entry fee was a Christmas present from my parents. I have been wanting to do this race for like 3 years. When I was still at JMU it filled up more quickly than I was anticipating, so instead I did the Ashland Railroad Run 10k. Then last year I was not in shape to run the Monument Avenue 10k after I had to take a break from my knee injury. In a way I still cannot believe that I'm running 6 miles again. I remember right after I hurt my knee I thought I might never run again. Yeah.. I know... way to be a drama queen. I was able to heal whatever was going on with RICE.

Anyway, the registration for the Monument Avenue 10k opens up the day after Christmas and my brother and I are both registered! This is probably one of the best things Richmond has to offer (from what I've heard). There will be over 30,000 participants. The cool thing was that when you sign up you can chose to do the YMCA training program along with your registration. How incredible of a feeling to be like "I don't need that. I know I could run this thing tomorrow if I had to." A much nicer feeling than the butterflies in my stomach and slightly shaking right hand that performed the final click to sign up for the Shamrock Half Marathon.

The only thing I am sort of concerned about regarding the Monument Avenue 10k is that it is the Saturday after I run the Shamrock.... that is probably fine though right? At that point 6 miles shouldn't be difficult at all. I have a week before I have to run that distance. The fun atmosphere should be a good motivation. And I can go really slow if I have to?

I just feel like I have been waiting so long to run this race I will be really disappointed if I let another year pass by.

Just to give a running update:
I ran 4 miles on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I love not working and having time for a 10am run.
I did not run on Friday or Saturday. Today I am supposed to run either 4 miles or save that distance for later and go ahead and get in a 7 mile run while I still have a holiday break.

I was not feeling too well last night.. so we'll see what happens.

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