Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've Been Slacking...

Not on my running, but on my blogging. I had every intention to NOT make this like any running blog that lists how far the person ran, their thoughts about it, and "Goodnight and goodluck."

Because that's boring.

I can't imagine why anyone I know or anyone who stumbles across this would want to read that. Except MAYBE if they also really like running. AND were bored.

I wanted to mix my thoughts on different aspects of running into the documentation of my runs, but then life happened. Obviously, I have mentioned the long hours of the past few weeks at work. And I keep going out of town for the weekend. So the fact that I've posted at all is remarkable.

So how about a combo of Week 5 and Week 6? These are the distances I've completed.

Week 5
4 miles
2 miles
4 miles
40 min cross train
6 miles

Week 6
4 miles
2 miles
4 miles
5k race (That is roughly 3.1 miles)

I think I love Hal Higdeon. This plan seems to be working so well. I looked over a few old posts and somehow when I mentioned 3 and 4 miles it didn't sound as easy as either distance is now. I have full faith in this plan.

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