Sunday, December 7, 2008

Running Solo

So.. I signed up for the Shamrock Half Marathon...thinking my friend was doing it in preparation for her marathon in April. I now learn she is "looking into it." OH MY FREAKING GOSH. What have I done? My brother doesn't want to run the one in March either because he would rather be snowboarding.

I thought this was a good idea... it still sounds like I will have friends coming to support me. My parentals too. But I might be running solo. I emailed my cousin this weekend to see if she would be interested. That was Sat. AM., I still haven't heard from her.

Do people even run half marathons alone? I think its always a group thing. I'm kind of freaking out here!

In other news, this week training has taken prescedence to sleep. Yay?

Today I was just too tired from running 3.5 miles and 3 miles the past two days to try to do a 5 mile run at 10 P.M. I ran one mile and will be getting up tomorrow to run. It may turn into 4...since I have that pass from last week. We will see.

I'm not letting this hiccup stress me too much because I traveled this weekend. And fully intend on completing every run on this schedule. I'm thankful that I have extra time, so little things like this totally fit (and would not if I were actually trying to do this in 12 weeks. I would be soo stressed right now. My stomach would be in knots.)

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