Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why so excited?

Maybe its because I haven't ran in the past two days and I am ansty. Or maybe its because I just looked at the website again, but I am getting SO EXCITED about the idea of running a half marathon.

For some reason in my head I feel like I will be fine and absolutely will be able to do this. Like, it will be fun. Really all I have to do is run for 2.5 hours (ish).

My new goal besides completing it, is to be someone who thinks running a half marathon is FUN. That means sticking to the training plan so I'm super prepared. I don't want to be someone who just finishes (walks some of it)..... and thinks it sucks the whole time because I am pushing myself too hard.

I don't know if that happens out of a natural love for running, or if when the distances get really long, a love for running goes out the window? I'm very excited for all of the free time I will have over the next 3 weeks and can't wait to use those days to train.

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