Saturday, November 29, 2008

Here we (really) go...

Tomorrow I will wrap up week 2 with a 4 mile run. As I look at Week 3 and beyond, I am scared. This is where it gets really hard core. I hope that my body is ready for it. My knees are a little sore at the moment.

Starting with Week 3, I will never have a week where I run less than 5 miles. The 3 mile runs increase to 3.5. I wish I was a good athlete. I wish that this was a piece of cake, but really it's not. Running 7, 8, or 9 miles will not be a piece of cake for me. I've been told "You'd be surprised what adrenaline can do" by a friend who has completed not only a half marathon but a marathon. I hope this statement holds true for me and not just him.

What is also frustrating is knowing that I am in good shape. I can run 3 miles without any problem. I can run 6 if I have to. Kicking it up another notch is hard when I know I'm not out of shape and already am in better shape than many people my age.

I just want everyone to know... DOUBT does come along with training for a half marathon. When you hear that I completed it, I had moments (like tonight) when I was scared and not sure if I could do it. I think the main reason for my doubts is how exhausting and time consuming my job is. And its adding a lot of streses at the moment so I cannot focus fully on training for this race. I'm also tired. I tend to wake up in a better mood. So, I'm heading to bed and hope things seem better in the morning!

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