Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scared of Failure

I want my family and friends to read this blog. JUST. NOT. NOW. Why you ask? Because I am scared of failure. I'd say the people who know me would describe me as a talented chick... but here' s my secret: I do things I know I am naturally good at. I don't really attempt to do things I know will be an impossible struggle. Challenges YES. Impossible stuggles NO. And if I am trying to challenge myself, a lot of times I don't tell other people about it until I have successfully completed my goal. So basically I never fail, and when I do, people don't know about it.

At this point I can run 6 miles (probably 7 if I were really pushing myself). By March or April I have to double that if I am going to run a half marathon. My first goal is 10 miles, but they say if you can run 10 miles you can run a half... so here we go.Yesterday I made it official. I printed off the Hal Higdon training plan. I'm going to follow it closely. I'm tempted to start at Week 7 which includes a 7 mile run. However, I'm starting at Week 1 and making running a regular part of my schedule again. Lately its been a weekend thing; I'm lucky if it happens during the week. And boyyy is this going to be hard to fit in during the week because work is a BITCH right now. I worked from 7:45 AM- 12:30 AM yesterday.

If you randomly stumbled upon this blog... please, please, please follow me as I embark on this journey, and comment!!

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