Sunday, November 16, 2008

Work Makes Me Feel Like a Slug

Work is hectic and sometimes I have only had time to do long runs on the weekends. Or one run during the week in addition to the weekends. And I'm not getting enough sleep. I feel I'm starting to lose the 'hott bod.' That is scary, depressing, and actually one of the only things that has brought me to tears in the past few months.

Seriously, I would rather be in awesome shape than make money or know anything about Oracle.

Really give me a beach and a morning run and I'm set for life. That's all I want. I hate that I sit around for a living. And I think you get hungrier just sitting for hours on end :-(

Okay.. I'll say it. I'm sure every girl reading this can relate...

I'm sure with training for a half marathon that should happen naturally. But I figure if I put it on here, maybe I will be more dilligent in eating only healthy foods. No chocolate. No cookies. Drink less soda. I think even diet soda bloats you? Blahh.

I think my main thing is that I know I have not been as consistent with workouts as I was in college and that makes me feel gross. I am by no means fat...I actually am really petite. I think its just hard because my sister is naturally even smaller than I am. Weight loss isn't really going to be a main topic in this blog. I did want to touch on it briefly though because yes, I am human. And yes I think about it.

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