Sunday, November 16, 2008

Save The Last Dance?

Today I realized Hal Hidgon's plan has more to do with:

1. The Number of Miles you put in per week
2. Consistently running longer distances/ building up your endurance

So, thanks to this plan I am now consistently running MORE than I have been in the past few months (per week). I was thinking of pushing myself beyond what he calls for in the first few weeks...but that probably doesn't make sense. Hal knows his stuff. If I do that I may start to hate running before I'm done training. It will get hard enough soon enough.

Luckily I love running for now.

WEIRD fact about my apartment gym... there was a (decently macho) guy watching Save the Last Dance while working out (That Ballet-Hip Hop chick flick with Julia Stiles). Not sure if he had turned it on for the girl he was with. But he was the one closer to the TV and she had an iPod that she seemed pretty into. He turned it up when I climbed on the eliptical. Was he trying to be nice thinking I wanted to hear the movie? Maybe. Even when he was done on the treadmill he was still watching the movie. WEIRD.

Now I love a good chick flick, but not when I'm running. Basically sitcom/movie watching is not a good idea (in my opinion) when you are running because it makes the time go by slower. And the characters are often sitting around talking/eating. This does not motivate you to keep going. I find myself wanting to go hang out in the coffee shop with Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey instead of continuing on with my workout.

I have found that mindless television (A la Parental Control and Project Runway) is best because you don't have to concentrate too hard on what you are watching.

The news works. The TODAY show is super entertaining, but I rarely see that these days
:-( Hmm.. maybe I should start putting it on my DVR? That sounds ridiculous.

I will never understand why some people watch CNBC while they are working out though. YAWN. I'm bored before I even start. Seriously, and I have a business degree. It just doesn't mesh well with a workout. Don't they even look bored?

And want to hear what I've found is the absolute best thing to put on TV while you are running? SURPRISE--- Sports! The athletes are active. You are active. The cheerleaders are super in shape (as I want to be.) The announcers make funny comments. It's an all around good time.
For a month I was really getting into College Football as I ran on Saturdays. But just about anything works.

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